Fixture exists because we know first hand how bad it feels when you’ve not eaten the right food before a game

You’re either too heavy, knackered after five minutes or don’t have enough energy for the second half. Annoying - even more annoying, you made it twice to training in the week, skipped that mid-week Deliveroo and you obviously laid off the drinks Friday night.

So basically, we’ve solved that problem

We’ve worked with some of the best experts in the country (Professional Football Performance Nutritionists) to make sure you get the optimum fuel in you before a game. Every time. No more flagging in the final ten minutes, letting that tricky winger beat you to the line or feeling sick right before kick-off. We’ve got your back.

Oh yeah, and it’s dead easy. Sign-up, tell us your weight (be honest..) and preferred position and then every week we’ll send you everything you need through the letterbox before the game with instructions so simple you can make it with the world’s biggest hangover (not that you’d be drinking before a game).

That’s it, simple. We’re not going to bore you with lectures on nutrients, micros, microbiomes and all the other things. We have awesome people working with us to do that stuff, so you really don’t have to. We’re just going to make sure you’re fuelled at your best every game, every week. No need to thank us (well technically you’re paying us, so that’ll do).